Champion Rebirth (a Short Motivational and Spiritual Film)

..This is a short narrative film about the human spirit. We encounter lots of struggles, pains, heartbreaks, losses throughout our lives; sometimes we fail to realize that just by getting up, that can give us a new perspective on life and possibly influence changes in other suffering aspect of our lives; we start to see a little clearer and believe that we can slowly overcome whatever situation we are facing. Life can be tough at times and if we don’t deal with certain  setbacks the right way, we can easily find ourselves on the path of self destruction. However, with the right attitude and frame of mind, then we can slowly build ourselves back up, be reborn and be a new improved version of ourselves. I believe that there is a  “champion” deep down inside all of us. This film is not about being the boxing champion of the world, or winning any other major athletic event in sports, it can be used as a sport training  motivation; but the film is more so about being a “Champion Of Life”.  Life is not easy, we get dealt some tough blows, sometimes it seem that everything around us seem to be crumbling down, we feel lost and trapped; a simple change in our lifestyle can spark our minds, restore the confidence necessary, to give us new strength, purpose, motivation and the courage needed to carry on. In this film boxing and training happens to be the tools used to help this man to experience a REBIRTH..  

The film first establish shots, opens with a man who seems down and out sitting inside a train station on a subway bench. Then quickly move to other scenes and images of this man going through different life changing experiences and adversities that seem to have rocked his world, you see him going into a liquor store, then also going thru a trash basket looking for empty cans; which illustrate that he might be unemployed, struggling for cash; there is no audible dialogue throughout the whole film, there is just a perfect blend of voice over and music in the background to help navigate through the scenes from one sequence into the next ones. 

By the halfway mark point of the short film, the man ran into a boxing gym, and just seeing the boxing sign, seem to have awakening him up a bit, the sign seem to have ignited a small fire within him, signaling maybe its time for him to seriously make some changes in his life for the better. You see him slowly made his way to an empty park, slowly getting up and started to  work out, then eventually you see him gradually building up strength, getting a little stronger and going a little harder; then once the energy is all the way picked up, he starts to have a greater understanding and purpose of what the training is really all for, he is training for LIFE itself, not for any tournament. The Boxing is more of a metaphor used to restore life and confidence in him.  

CHAMPION REBIRTH can be referred to as a “Motivational & Spiritual Short film”. I believe we are all champions deep down inside of us; sometimes we get rocked so hard by life itself, we start to doubt ourselves and don’t think that we are capable of fighting back, but being a champion is all about “mastering the breaking point”. You are not going to have a “PERFECT” life, but that doesn’t mean that you should also accept defeats and failures in life either. Each day you wake up, you get a chance to start over, you get to be REBORN!!  

The goal is for this film to hopefully inspire one or two people who might be going through hard and difficult experiences in life to stay strong, believe, keep fighting and never ever give up. The film is also dedicated to a good friend of mine, whom to my knowledge was one of the healthiest person I know, his sudden death made me realize just how precious life is and we can be here today and gone today; So every day you get up, simply remind yourself that it’s a “REBIRTH” and you are capable of being better than you were the previous day...REST IN PEACE HAZZ NOBLE.....  “CHAMPION REBIRTH”...  


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