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SOL is an acronym for “Solidifying Our Legacy” through three “E” ideologies of Educating, Empowering and Entertaining. The mission of SOL is to connect the community with diverse, dynamic, and creative experiences using visual arts and new media. Founded in 2012, SOL Media Plus radically evolved beyond the parameters of traditional art parameters by embracing contemporary approaches to curatorial programming and art education. Our commitment to recognizing remarkable work done by remarkable individuals that impact the culture. SOL Media Plus has adorned a reputation for working with not only stella individuals but also collaborating with community-based organizations that have a similar to same passion for preserving culture.  Our ability to influence lives through media in a positive way is what SOL will continue to do. The SOL platform will be open to those who will make a consorted effort the touch, move and inspire  those who find interest.

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2020 will be a year we will never forget. For us this year has been a year of many changes and resets.

We wish you a joyful holiday season and positive blessings in the New Year. Let's


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Champion Rebirth (a Short Motivational and Spiritual Film)

Champion Rebirth (a Short Motivational and Spiritual Film)

..This is a short narrative film about the human spirit. We encounter lots of struggles, pains, heartbreaks, losses throughout our lives; sometimes we fail to realize that just by getting up, that can give us a new perspective on life and possibly influence changes in other suffering aspect of our lives; we start to see a little clearer and believe that we can slowly overcome whatever situation we are facing. Life can be tough at times and if we don’t deal with certain  setbacks the right way, we can easily find ourselves on the path of self destruction.

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