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Tyson Hall


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  • Birth Name: Tyson Hall
  • Date of Birth: 03, Sep 2014


As time brought about change, graffiti became less of an interest as his dramatic abilities were made manifest. He continued to draw out of habit, but there was no interest in painting. In 1992, Tyson registered for an art class at John Jay College only to fulfill an elective requirement. He earned an 'A' in the class, but still did not embrace his full potential as an artist. He continued to pursue his acting career.

     While working on the set of an independent film, a fellow actor suggested he see Basquiat, a film on the life and art of Jean-Michel Basquiat. Inspired by the film, Tyson purchased his first piece of canvas and began to paint, and painting became a vehicle for the communication and expression of Tyson's spirituality, culture and values. Painting also became the unifying force that meshed his graffiti and drawing together and gave birth to his unique abstract painting style. His drawing tendencies evolved out of the characterizations of graffiti. Out of this, his faces were born. These faces express unique and contrasting life images, views and opinions.

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